Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution / Litigation, Conciliation, Arbitration and ADR

Corporate Disputes / Commercial Disputes
Real Estate Disputes and other kinds of Business-related Civil Litigation
Consumer Disputes, Class Action and Product Liability Lawsuits
Labor Disputes and Pension Disputes
Administrative Litigation and Tax Litigation
Bankruptcy / Insolvency-related Dispute
Intellectual Property Disputes
Disputes related to Trade Secrets and Non-Competition
M&A-related Disputes
International Litigation (Cross-Border Litigation, Foreign Litigation)

Labor and Pension

Formulation and Revision of Employment Rules and other Regulations
Advice on Compliance of Labor Regulations / Overtime, Harassment, etc.
Personnel Reduction / Dismissal due to business necessity / Ordinary Dismissal
Labor Tribunal / Provisional Disposition / Litigation
Labor Issues related to Organizational Restructuring and M&A
Collective Bargaining and other kinds of Response to Labor Unions
Employment Issues related to Employment of Foreigners or Hiring in Overseas
Worker Dispatching and Secondment
Response to Employee Scandals and Whistle-Blowing

Servicing / Civil enforcement

Advice on Securing the Credit
Provisional Seizure or Provisional Disposition
Request for Disclosure of Property
Compulsory Execution, Exercise of Security Interest
Creditor’s Representation in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Business Revitalization and Insolvency

Civil Rehabilitation and Corporate Reorganization
Turnaround ADR
Out-of-Court Workout
Bankruptcy and Special Liquidation
Representation in Selection of Sponsors
Advice on / Represent for cases of Bankruptcies of Borrowers
Advice on / Represent for cases of Bankruptcies of Suppliers / Counter-Parties

General Legal Advice

General Corporate
Comprehensive Legal Advice / Second Opinion
Whistle-Blowing Hotline